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O1 Visa Program

The O-1 Visa is reserved for individuals who possess extraordinary abilities or have achieved significant recognition in fields such as sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. It caters to those who stand out as leaders or experts in their domain.

Key Criteria for O-1 Visa Eligibility

Extraordinary Ability or Achievement

To qualify for the O-1 Visa, individuals must demonstrate extraordinary ability or achievement in their field, evidenced by sustained national or international acclaim. This can be in the form of major awards, significant contributions, or recognition from peers.

Three Subcategories of the O-1 Visa

The O-1 Visa is divided into three subcategories:

  • O-1A: For individuals with extraordinary abilities in sciences, education, business, or athletics.
  • O-1B: For individuals with extraordinary achievements in the arts, including actors, musicians, and visual artists.
  • O-2: For essential support personnel accompanying the O-1 visa holder, playing a crucial role in the individual’s work.

Benefits of the O-1 Visa

Work Authorization

The O-1 Visa allows individuals to work for a specific employer in the U.S., and the work must be related to the individual’s extraordinary abilities or achievements.

Flexibility in Employment

O-1 Visa holders have the flexibility to work for multiple employers, provided each employer is listed in the visa petition. Changes in employment require filing an amended petition.

Inclusion of Dependents

O-1 Visa holders can bring their spouses and unmarried children under 21 as dependents, allowing them to accompany and stay with the primary visa holder.

Application Process for the O-1 Visa

Form I-129: Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker

The O-1 Visa application process begins with the U.S. employer filing Form I-129 on behalf of the individual with extraordinary abilities or achievements. This petition outlines the details of the employment and the individual’s qualifications.

Consultation Requirement

For O-1A and O-1B petitions, a written consultation from a peer group, labor organization, or an individual with expertise in the field is required to affirm the individual’s extraordinary abilities or achievements.

O-2 Visa for Essential Support Personnel

If the O-1 visa holder requires essential support personnel, a separate petition for O-2 individuals must be filed, detailing the necessity of their role.

Maintaining O-1 Visa Status

O-1 Visa holders must adhere to the terms and conditions of their visa status. Any changes in employment or extension of stay require timely filings and approval from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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