NYC Immigration Attorneys Min Chan and Sumaiya Khalique Launch Immigration Map, the simplest, fastest path to your Green Card 150 150 Chan Law Firm LLC

    NYC Immigration Attorneys Min Chan and Sumaiya Khalique Launch Immigration Map, the simplest, fastest path to your Green Card - NY Divorce Lawyer

    NYC Immigration Attorneys Immigration Map

    During the Coronavirus pandemic, we all felt helpless. We lacked basic information about our safety and security, had no idea what rules to follow, and felt our futures were uncertain. But as successful New York City immigration attorneys, we also know that immigrants feel that same helplessness every day. That’s why we created Immigration Map, a simple way for immigrants and employers to navigate the dense bureaucracy that is the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  Our legal service portal assists and empowers our clients to navigate the complex immigration process with confidence.  

    We know where you want to go, and how to get you there. 

    We are both children of Asian immigrants who remember our own parents being frightened of a system they didn’t understand. While moving to America remains a powerful draw for many seeking legal and economic stability, one false move and you can lose everything. “The best advice we can give immigrants is to carefully analyze, build and complete your visa or Green Card application before you file with USCIS,” says Min Chan. And Immigration Map can help.

    Analyze, Build, and Complete Your Petition Using Our Innovative DIY Immigration Platform 

    Using the roadmap simplifies the immigration process. Our digital platform takes you on your immigration journey from start to finish and turns your American Dream into reality.  Our three-step Analyze, Build, and Complete process is as simple as, well, ABC. Immigrants can analyze their situation and collect only the documents they need, build using our Immigration Map Blueprint assessment to see all their immigration options at once, and then complete their application by running the information through innovative technology and submitting their petition to USCIS with peace of mind.  

    Using Immigration Map DIY software, best of breed technology, and legal document preparation, you can access the following:

    • • Informational resources…so you’re sure you’re applying for the correct visa; 
    • • Checklists…so you can make sure you have everything you need before you file;  
    • • ABC to Success … so you have everything you need in one place to file with USCIS; and  
    • • Documents…so you have all the forms you need in the same place.

    We Put Immigrants in the Driver’s Seat

    How does it work? You hear from friends that you need an H-1B Visa…maybe. You visit and read user-friendly articles such as “Five Similarities between an L-1 Visa and O-1 Visa” or “6 Reasons to Apply for an L-1 Visa over an H1-Visa if You Are Eligible for Both” or even “When You Must File an Amended H-1B Visa Petition Due to Changes in Work Site Locations and Travel.” Based on this, you decide you need the H-1 Visa, so you open the checklist section. Now you can start collecting identification documents, immigration documents, proof of employment, proof of eligibility. Now you can learn all about filing dates and, of course, fees. Immigration Map is your guide to simplify your immigration journey. 

    Or you could wade through countless government web pages—but isn’t it easier when all the advice you need is in the same place? 

    With Immigration Map’s innovative platform, there’s no need for random searches or bureaucrat-speak; two experienced immigration attorneys have provided everything you need, and it’s all only a click away. Our subscription models make it easy to get assistance with 24/7 online access and hotline. You provide us with all your critical documents, we can help you file your immigration petition within two weeks. Need more help? Immigration Map also offers direct legal services.  

    Our Experience, Transparency, and Efficiency

    How is Immigration Map different from LegalZoom or Rocket Lawyer? We provide more than downloadable forms you can struggle through; we want you to understand what you need and why you need it. Together, we have over thirty years of experience in immigration law; we are transparent with our services, where our information comes from, and what you get with your monthly subscription and our legal help. Our Immigration Map Blueprint assesses your background and tells you your immigration options so you can take control of your journey. Our easy-to-use technology and three-step Analyze, Build, and Complete process will clearly outline what you need, what you should prepare for, and what you never even considered. 

    We became immigration lawyers to make it simpler for hundreds to fulfill their American dreams With Immigration Map, it’s as easy as ABC. 

    Sign up for a membership and get started today! 

    From Our Clients…

    “I was lost and scared about how to bring my fiancé to the United States from Hong Kong.  Attorney Min Chan explained clearly the requirements of the K-1 visa and provided invaluable resources and strategy for us to consider.  She made us feel comfortable with the immigration process and gave us peace of mind.” –Jack, obtaining a K-1 Visa for his fiancé

     “After consulting with three different attorneys about my case, I wasn’t sure who to hire; then, someone I know recommended Sumaiya at the last minute. After our first call, I immediately decided to work with her. She was very clear and patient in answering all of my questions. Despite the Covid situation, we got my application ready in three weeks by working through Zoom (other lawyers told me it would take six months) and my O-1 visa was approved in less than one month without premium processing.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with Sumaiya and I will surely recommend her services to anyone wanting to pursue the American Dream.” —Raquelle, Extraordinary Designer on an O-1 Visa  

    “My family came to Attorney Sumaiya Khalique in one of the most frustrating and overwhelming political times in America… However, Attorney Khalique gave my family hope that our case could be heard, worked on dedicatedly, and be executed diligently… With Attorney Khalique, my family felt something we never felt before: progress (even amidst an unfolding pandemic). I highly recommend Attorney Khalique to any individual who needs help and values authenticity, transparency, and dedication because she embodies it all and more.” —Laura, US Citizen petitioning for her non-resident spouse

    NYC Immigration Attorneys Founders Min Chan and Sumaiya Khalique’s ABCs of Building a Home in the United States 

    “The Immigration Map logo symbolizes home and family because they are the cornerstones of this country. If you look at the history of the way decisions are made in past SCOTUS cases and the way immigration law is designed, family, and the association of home, is always the most important. All the immigration waivers and different immigration petitions preserve this.” —Sumaiya Khalique

    “Everything within your control must be correct, convincing, and on time.  Your USCIS petitions must be accompanied by the statutory fees.  Submitting documents with errors can be fatal to your chances; the USCIS will either ask for additional information or, in many cases, reject you altogether. At best, you are adding weeks and even months to your processing time. Let us help you simplify your immigration journey.” 

    —Min Chan